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Sport & Performance Services

Areas of Focus

Mental Toughness

Performance Anxiety






"Choking" Under Pressure

Ineffective Training/Practice

Athletic Burnout

and more!

Types of Service

Individual sessions

Individual consulting sessions are the most effective way to address performance goals with tailored mental skills training and evidence-based techniques. Working one on one with each client, we will identify areas for improvement, set a plan to achieve, and execute the plan together.

Group sessions

Group sessions include 2 or more athletes/performers. Group settings allow for one on one connection, too, while addressing performance topics that may apply to the whole group. Specificity to the athletes exact needs is always at the forefront of planning and execution.

Team sessions

Team sessions are an excellent way for athletes/performers to learn about sport & performance psychology and how it applies to them. Sessions will guide performers to identify possible areas for improvement. Specific topics of interest to the team and/or coach can be addressed in one or more sessions. Team sessions are the best avenue to instill the groundwork skills for mental toughness, performance under pressure, and team cohesion.

Consulting Philosophy

     I collaborate with each client to identify their needs and goals, develop a plan to achieve the goals in a timely manner, and attack the area of improvement or the problem at its root. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals, in the shortest amount of time as possible. Achieving high performance is more often a marathon of grit and resilience than a "quick-fix." With that said, my goal is to empower athletes and performers to build the mental skills to foster self-sufficient high performance.

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